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One of the main complain I heard from Navisworks is to only be able to see a 3D view of the model and not the drawings created from it. It is why I use Design Review to review drawings produced within Revit.

On the other hand, Design Review is generally not powerful enough to display large 3D models, and in this case, Navisworks has to be used.

I recently discover a solution for combining the best of these two applications by integrating DWF files in Navisworks.

To showcase this function, I create a new Navisworks model and append a Revit model in it.


To be able to see sheets produced within the Revit model, I export them in a new DWF file from Revit:


This DWF file can be loaded into Navisworks through the Broject Browser menu. Just hit the Import Sheets & Models button to load the content of this DWF file. We can see its sheets displayed in the Project Browser window:


After a right-click -> Prepare All Sheets/Models, we can display these drawings in Navisworks just like in Design Review:


Every element in these views is selectable, and its properties are displayed as well.

An interesting feature is the ability to select an element and display it in another view. Just select the element, right-click and hit Find Item in Other Sheets and Models. Navisworks display every views were we can find the selected element.


This feature present in Revit was missing in Design Review and allows for a quick review of elements from the drawings to the 3D view. On the other hand, some markup tools present in Design Review are not available in Navisworks, and we don’t have the ability to import these markup back in Revit.

4 thoughts on “Drawings in Navisworks

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  2. Hi Simon,

    Working in a design and exuction coordination team, I ‘ve suffered from the same complaints from my teammates. Thus I’ve ended up using Navisworks for both 3D and 2D visualisation, thanks to the DWF format.

    But, I think it’s a real pain to publish DWF files from the different models we received for two reasons :
    * You should open every model one by one and publish every sheetsets one by one
    ** I don’t figure out how to publish simultaneously portrait and landscape sheet in one single DWF file

    Any tips for those two issues will be very appreciated 🙂

    • Hi Xavier,

      I think there is an option to export every Revit sheet in a single DWF while keeping their size (“Use Sheet Size”). This should allow to export all sheets (portrait and landscape) in one command. However, you still have to open all Revit models one by one.

      My (sneaky) solution was to ask our consultant to export themselves the DWF file :-).

  3. Ahah we all have the same “easy” solution :p

    I’ve tried to use “Use sheet size” already. It’s working when combining A0, A1,A3… but unfortunately it seems you can’t combine “Landscape” and “Portrait”

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