Use Navisworks Batch Utility to convert Revit files

A few days ago, I had to convert a large set of Revit files to NWC in order to create a general Navisworks File Set.

I used the Navisworks Batch Utility, accessible through the Navisworks main menu :


Batch Utility

You first have to select files to be included in your Navisworks File Set.

To quickly retrieve the list of Revit files to be converted, I’m using the Windows Command Prompt. I was quite afraid of this tool not so long ago, but it is actually pretty simple.

Windows Command Prompt

First, go to the root folder of your project:

cd C:\Projects\myRevitProject

and type :

dir /s /b *.rvt >ListRevitFiles.txt

This line requires a bit of an explanation:

  • dir : command for searching and displaying file in the current directory
  • /s : search in the current directory and all its subdirectories
  • /b (or bare) : remove for each file its metadata to display only the file path
  • *.rvt : search specifically for Revit files
  • >ListRevitFiles.txt : the ‘>’ character allows us to output the result of our research to a text file (here ListRevitFiles.txt) instead of displaying it.

We get the results of our research as text file listing paths to every Revit model contained in our project folder:


Back on the Navisworks Batch Utility, we open this text file to import file paths: File -> Open -> Select ListRevitFiles.txt

File List

As we want to create a single Navisworks File Set (.nwf), we select the “As Single File” Tab, and set the path to our future Navisworks File.

As Single File

I also select “View file on output” to automatically start Navisworks when conversions are done.

We add a path to a log file in order to know what may happen, and hit “Run Command”.

Here, I was confused by the fact that nothing seems to happen, but after checking my computer processes, I was able to see that the Navisworks Scene Convert Server was up and running.

Windows Processes

After a while, Navisworks starts automatically and appends every previously created .nwc file to a new Navisworks File Set.


I am also using this feature to create a NWD file for a set of Revit file.

To do so, you just have to select the “Multiple file” tab and define a target folder for the export.

As Multiple Files

The Navisworks Batch Utility will convert every Revit file to a NWC cache file, and made it a NWD on the run.


5 thoughts on “Use Navisworks Batch Utility to convert Revit files

  1. Any clues which Revit view is used to create the resulting Navisworks file? I am also experiencing weird origin location in the resulting file even if the shared coordinates are set-up appropriately in Revit.

    • Hello Carl,

      About the revit view used by Navisworks, I will cite the Navisworks Help ()

      Specifies how to convert and load viewing options for Revit files. Select from the following options:
      * Navisworks view : The default view. To use the Navisworks view, save an RVT file in Revit and use “Navis” in the name of the 3D view. If you do not use this option, the Revit First 3D View is loaded.
      * First 3D view : Loads the elements visible in the Revit First 3D View.
      * Entire project : Loads the whole project.

      You might have to check the configuration for importing Revit in Navisworks options. Here, you will be able to define if you want to import the whole model or just a view, and select correct coordinates (Shared or Intern).

  2. Hi Everyone!
    I want to save the NWC models into a specific folder location, NOT in the same location as the Revit file. Is it possible?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Hello,
      The Batch Utility will only create NWD files, and doing so, will create a NWC cache file alongside the original Revit file. You can specify the final location of the NWD file, not the NWC file.

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