BCF Reader Update

This post is long overdue, but I finally take the time to update my BCF Reader.


First of all, I have tested it on a larger set of BCF files, and I hope these will make it more robust, especially if something is wrong within the BCF file. My experiences include files coming from Tekla BIMSight, Matteo Cominetti’s BCFier and Kubus BIM Collab.

I have to remove the support for Word 97-2003 Documents (*.doc), since the library I use does not support them. I will see how I can integrate them back in a future release.

Among the change, I add a small progress bar to allow you to pour yourself a coffee when dealing with huge quantities of notes.

I also add Status and Verbal Status to the report, just after the date. A more subtle change, the default path to save your report is now the same than the BCF file itself.

I improve the Readme file to include a small explanation on how to use the BCF Reader.

I spotted some problems with styles in the Word template. To be sure to have all of them available in the BCF Reader, you must write a few lines in your Word template, apply your styles to them, then delete them. This will ensure that you have created these styles in your Word template before using it.

Finally, I want to thank Julien Benoit and François Lahouste for their comments and their files.

As usual, you can download the BCF Reader here, and check the code here.

3 thoughts on “BCF Reader Update

  1. Simon,
    Thanks for this great tool.
    Today I needed to help a colleage with making a pdf file from a BCF 2 format file. At first the tool stopped working. After I changed the file version text (Changed .bcfzip into .zip. Then unzipped it. Then opened bcf.version with Notepad. Changed 2.0 to 1.0. Saved it and added this file back to the .zip. Changed .zip back to .bcfzip) Tried your tool again and It worked fine.

  2. For me it’n not working with bcf file from BCFier
    Are you planning to update your brillant tool ? support bcf 2, PDF, …

    • Hi,
      BCF Reader rely on an external library. Before updating it to BCF 2, I have to make sure this library support it too. As for the PDF, I will see if it’s possible.


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