This blog is personal, and anything wrote down here can only reflect what I, and only I, think. I also hope you will forgive mistakes coming from a non native English speaker.

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  1. search internet for BIM Dream, found your article & it reminded me of that leap motion video ive seen some time ago… thanks…

  2. Hi there! I work for Autodesk’s PR department and I loved your post about trying Autodesk 360. I’m wondering if we could have a chat about your use of A360? Could you send me an email or give me a call?

    Thank you!

  3. Hi Simon,

    Hope you are well.
    We would enjoy talking with you regarding the Autodesk Affiliate programme as well.

    If this sounds like something you would like to go forward with or would like to know more, please let me know.

    Best wishes,

    • Hello Anthony,

      Thanks for your interest in my blog.
      I’m not interested into joining the Autodesk Affiliate program right now. I will keep you updated if I see how to integrate it in the future.
      Best regards,

  4. Hi Simon,

    Wellington City Council (NZ) are trying to automate getting data from bim Preliminary Design/ Tender Docs & As-Built Docs (data put in remotely in Designers/Contractors offices), validating that data and then putting it into WCC Asset Management Information System (AMIS).
    We have been developing some solutions for doing this.
    We have a number of Youtube videos that demonstrate the process and whatr we have been doing , they are here:
    First one is a bit boring as its setting up the model for alignmentfor extraction:
    Vid 1 https://youtu.be/N3A4aO8-NeA
    Vid 2 https://youtu.be/3fAcAQy1Pj0
    Vid 3 https://youtu.be/mZr6Diyq7Tk
    Vid 4 a & b
    Vid 5 https://youtu.be/EKBPoukTO5s
    Vid 6 (broken)
    Vid 7 https://youtu.be/MnOM3uhah0E
    Vid 8 https://youtu.be/Bnq7xtM5A2A
    Vid 9 https://youtu.be/I9WR9CeZWjA

    The YouTube videos (7-8 of them) show how far we have got at the moment. We are also using them on Bridges for extracting data.
    The idea is that we can send the tools out to consultants & contractors so that they do the input into the Revit Model & we extract this information to an intermediate database and then send the data on to the AMIS via a .CSV file.
    The RTV Tools started with a Revit Drawing Management system (Upreving/drawing sheets/ Doc transfer) and also as a reporting tool for what was in the Revit model. This has been adapted to WCC needs and we have been further developing it.
    We have also had success with extracting information from ArchiCad files- via IFC’s to Revit files for data extraction.
    Our main focus so far has been on Social housing units and main room quantities such as floor./wall/ceiling/door /window areas to check actual surveys that have been done on these properties.
    We are looking to use this across our wider asset base of offices, halls, sports centres , swimming pools etc, so wish to expand it to capture MEP data and possibly structural data.
    We have tested Dynamo and use it for some scheduling of putting Views on sheets.
    We started with Revit5 Schedule exports.
    We then went onto DB Link
    We are now using the RTV tool that works with the Revit API & defines & pushes in Shared parameters into Revit. These can be assigned to a built in Revit parameter or a 3rd party parameter (that has a value/quantity attached to it eg wall area by orientation in room). It can also do calculations and functions.
    This is an open process so different companies can write different shared parameters and assign their own chosen Revit BuiltIn Parameters or 3rd party parameters.
    In NZ BIM is used for construction of buildings only- We are trying to extend this to the AM/FM part of the Building/BIM life.
    kind regards,
    Max Drake

  5. Hi Simon,
    I posted some links to YouTube of what WCC are up to with revit. I didn’t realise that The Room Finishing Tool was one you created. We have used it to put wall linings into Rooms (join linings to walls to allow openings to come through, then run a small routine that puts room name and number onto wall and orientation. See Video 1 & in videos 4a/4b we compare wall areas of room using 2 different methods, one being via your room finishing process. A great tool thank you,
    kind regards,
    Max Drake

    • Hello Jonathan,

      What is your Dynamo version ? Can you send me the Revit and Dynamo files, so I can have a look ?

  6. Hi,
    somebody from “CAD Projects” has posted on youtube a video showing how to create pipe and pipe fitting from a CAD File. Sadly, he did not want to share the python scripts.

    i am wondering whether it is something you are thing to work on it and sharing with us?

    thank you

  7. Simon,
    I have a question about the Clash Grouper for Navisworks Manage 2017 (I love it- thanks for creating such a great product). When I’m using two monitors and close the clash grouper, it goes away and won’t come back. So far, I’ve had to unistall/reinstall to get it to come back. I’ll continue to investigate, but if you have received this question before and can save me some trouble, please advise. Thank you.

    • Hi Joe, and thanks for using my little app ! When you say “it goes away and won’t come back”, you mean that the “Group Clashes” button on the “Tool Add-ins” tab disappear ?

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